Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year, well I have tried, not sure I always get it right.  I know that I often try too hard and make my ME worse and get my priorities wrong, but I am never sure what is the right thing to do or what is best for me and my family, but intentions are always good.

What I would really like for Christmas is some peace and quiet and the chance to have special times with my daughter who is growing up so fast instead of being so tired and ill all the time.  I would also be grateful for some good nights sleep if you happen to know where that can be bought.

Christmas is a difficult time for people with long term illness as it marks another year with no progress, another year older not able to fulfil your life as you would like.  I can’t ask for a cure as no one knows what that is yet.  I would like a good dose of positivity if that is possible and the ability to find the good in the things I can do.

I do have many material things of my Christmas list, but they are things I would like and don’t really need and I would happily forgo them all for the things mentioned above.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I also do lots of preparation and shopping and then you take the credit.

I hope that you will consider my requests favourably.

We will leave you refreshments and have some reindeer food too.

Please could you enter and leave quietly so you don’t frighten my daughter who gets very worried about you coming in the house.  Please do not be offended we have the same issues with the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny!


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