Physio Pain Diary 12/12 to 18/12 Update 18/12

One of the reasons I started my blog was to keep track of symptoms and treatments, but have not done this so far.  My Physio always asks me how I did after the last treatment, but as I only go once a month I can never remember, so I am hoping to keep a better track here and be able to tell her next time.

Treatment 12/12.  Pain after treatment not too bad, got more painful in evening and was out, but mainly sitting down.  Painkillers whilst out didn’t help, but more painkillers at home and pain eased, didn’t need painkillers at bed time.  Pain overnight not too bad.

13/12 Pain in morning quite bad in neck and back, tender from Physio, headache settled with painkillers, pain not settled.  Warm bath, pain eased whilst in bath, but came straight back.  Quite dizzy.  Stiffness not an issue and hip is fine.  Late morning pain eased after painkillers.

Managed to sit in cinema without too much pain.  Got achy late afternoon, but not too bad, head achy and dizzy, but looks like physio does help a bit and certainly not as stiff, will see how it is tonight.

14/12 Pain not too bad during night and not stiff on waking.  Still head achy that seems to happen after having the physio on my neck, see how the rest of day the goes.  Pain not bad at all today.  Worst of it was in my knees and hips when out in the cold.

15/12 Pain not bad over night and only a bit of stiffness in neck this morning.  Wish my other symptoms felt better too, but any bit helps, just got to remember not to do too much when pain is easier, it won’t last long.  Feeling generally achy and yuck, but not needed painkillers yet.

16/12 Pain and stiffness not too bad over night.  Pain in ribs that I had last night seems to have gone.  need to be sensible today and not go to Carols in playground at school as the cold is too painful, but I feel bad not going 🙁 Getting quite achy late morning, but cleaning pets and wrapping presents not the best things to do.  Also feel like I am getting a cold so that won’t help.  Horrid pain this afternoon, feeling very dizzy and shivery too, just what I need!

17/12 pain got quite bad last night and felt really unwell.  Not too bad this morning but neck quite stiff and sore, still feeling really unwell.

18/12 Pain back to normal levels of achy, sore, stiff.  I told physio that the treatment helped for about a week, looks like I was right.  Not has a really painful day in the week since physio, but with the run up to Christmas I am sure there will be many.  I am sure the physio helps and that if I didn’t go I would be a lot worse all the time, I am always more than ready for monthly treatment.  As with everything its a fine balance as I am sure that going more often would become counter productive.  This time I did react quite well to treatment, nut at other times it can leave me in a lot of pain afterwards before it calms down a bit.  There is no obvious reason for this as the treatment is always the same!  Sadly even if going more often would be helpful it is unaffordable and a treat to go once a month.  Roll on next month I will be more than ready.

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