Shocking read

I have just finished reading A Mother’s Ordeal about the one child policy in China and one person’s true experience.  It is a shocking read, but gripping all the same.  I first read the book just over 15 years ago and unlike most books it stuck in my mind.  Not even being able to remember what it was called as it was a library book I searched for it and found a second hand copy online and bought it.  So I have just finished reading it again, it is still shocking and the time period of the book is during my childhood, early adult years, so not back in the dark ages as it seems.  Being a mother myself now means I can understand the emotions more, especially as I too have a different sort of imposed one child.

Written by Steven Mosher the true story of Chi An is written from her perspective.  I am no good at writing book reviews but found a couple of links to other reviews here and here.  I wish I knew what happened after the end of the book as the story was not over and I assume that Chi An and her family are still alive.

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