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I have actually made a few bits in the last week or so

Coaster from the book I Can Quilt.  As ever I struggled to work out the instructions and had to get Rob to explain, once I understood it was quick and easy to make.  The book and patterns are aimed at Children!  This was made because Emily wanted to use my sewing machine, but she was too impatient to wait for me to cut out and pin together so went off and left me to it.  She does like the finished item though and I have some more squares cut ready to make another.
Emily wanted to sew something herself so we made some little pockets 
I stitched a hem on the top for her and then she sewed it up and turned right way out, really not bad for her first attempt, but too impatient to make something more complicated just wants to sew bits together.  She tried out some of the stitches that I haven’t tried yet.
Made some bracelets too, but pictures are no good so need to take again.

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