A few creations…….

I feel like I haven’t been doing much with it being school holidays and having Emily off sick, being ill myself and helping my Mum who has broken her ankle, but here is a round up of the latest things I have managed to make.

I was hoping to update the gallery page but can’t work out how to add pictures, I thought it was simple, but of course it is not.

Birthday card made for my husband using pattern a421 from Ann’s Paper Art.  There were 2 different ways to stitch the pattern, I was half way through before I realised I had done something different again!!

Valentine’s card made for my husband using pattern a323 from Ann’s Paper Art

Birthday card for a friend, using butterfly embossing plate from Craft Concepts

A coaster made using a pattern from I Can Quilt
I also made a card for a friends with an origami cat, but have lost the picture, but it worked very well so I am sure I will be making another.  Lots more birthdays and events coming up.
Emily has been creating too
She found a bird shape in the drawer and cut off its beak and used a peg, quite inspired I thought.  It was meant to be for Mother’s Day, but then she discovered it didn’t fit in the envelope so gave it to me!
Other creations that we have had the pleasure of are these cakes from Cakes for Breaks, thank you Catherine they were great, sadly I don’t get to taste them as not gluten free, but always get good feedback from the eaters!
 A Rob and Emily share cake for a family meal to celebrate their birthdays
 Frozen cupcakes for Emily’s birthday tea
Birthday cake for Emily’s bowling party
Finally I have just had a beautiful delivery of flowers from my Mum made up by Flower Power a local florist.  Complete with vase so no messing about.


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