Meet Teresa aka Isla’s Attic

Its a while since I did a meet post, it’s nice to find out about other peoples skills and interests. 

Here is Teresa, my sister in law and her beautiful personalised artwork.

What is your craft?
 Personalised artwork made to order for any occasion. The majority of my work is newborn and christening gifts.
How did you get started and when?
I first saw something similar given as a gift years ago at a christening. I thought it was beautiful. 
A friend’s son’s 1st Birthday was approaching and I wanted to give a gift that was unique, without being too expensive. I thought back to the artwork I had seen and decided to have a go at making one myself. 

It was all very trial and error, and looking back was probably not one of my greatest creations, but it was loved by my friend, and all of her friends were asking where she had got it from. 
I made a couple more for gifts for my friend’s children, and each time I would get lovely comments and my friends would suggest making them to order. I brushed off the idea as they were quite time consuming and working full time (as a Dental Nurse) I didn’t really have the time needed to make them on a regular basis. 
It wasn’t until I had my daughter that I decided to bite the bullet. My work couldn’t offer me as many hours as I hoped for after maternity and with an extra mouth to feed and more time on my hands I decided I had nothing much to lose! A girly night with my cousin Lizi in August 2013 discussing ideas and names for my new venture and ‘Isla’s Attic’ was born!! 
 Do you have a business name?  What is it and how did you choose it?
‘Isla’s Attic’. I wanted something that sounded homely and feminine with a catchy ring to it. My name (Teresa) didn’t really sound catchy enough but lots of ideas I had which weren’t of a personal nature such as ‘Buttons & Bows’ were already in multiple existence on Facebook, where I was setting up my page. I liked the idea of using my daughter’s name so my cousin and I went through lots of various names which included her name. After suggesting Isla’s Attic I checked on Facebook to see if there were many pages of that name already. There was only one at that time, and it was only a small page with not many ‘likes’ so that was that! Decision made!

Teresa and Isla

What is your favourite part of your craft?
Seeing the finished result at the end and taking photos to send my customer!
What is your least favourite part?
Probably on the odd occasion that I have made a mistake and have to start all over again!!
Do you have a favourite thing that you make?  Do you have a picture of it?
I think I would have to say my single letter pictures in a girly vintage floral theme. 

Do you have a website or Facebook page?  If so what is the URL?
Do you sell your makes?  If so, how and where?
 I sell to friends and family quite a lot but I also sell on my Facebook page. 
What is your favourite craft product?
I don’t know if I would class it as my favourite, but I could not live without my glue gun! Oh and doublesided sticky tape!
One of my favourite things I would say are tiny self adhesive gems and pearls. I use them on almost everything and they add a lovely touch of sparkle and glamour to my pictures. 
 What is your favourite craft supplier?
Despite not being the cheapest, I would have to say Hobbycraft as I always seem to be able to find what I’m looking for. Also, Ikea, as it’s where I buy all my frames from. Without Ikea the price of my artwork would be much greater as the main part of the cost is in the frame. 
Personal Details
Teresa Braybrook

Teresa cut the words and provided the frame for this picture and Emily and I did the papers to personalise it to match her room.
And one of Teresa’s lovely button pictures that Rob bought for me.

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