Wear it for ME

Browsing on Cafepress I found some great clothing for ME awareness.  I think they are great, but having spent quite a bit on stuff for the fundraising can’t really justify buying any, but thought I would share them for my awareness campaign as I can relate to all the slogans.

Finally one that isn’t on shirt, but maybe should be
I don’t think I would be much of an advert wearing any of these as I am rarely out and about and if I am I usually have my coat on!!  Now if they had the words on a big chunky coat!
Well I hope they give people some idea what it is like and it’s ok to have a giggle at them too as long a you realise it’s also a serious matter


Check out my fundraising page https://www.justgiving.com/Jane-Shaw5 and join in the fun May 12th.

ME awareness colour is blue, wear something blue on May 12th to show your support..

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