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Just been prompted by JustGiving to send last minute reminders for my event. I will be dressing as a Princess with Emily on Sunday 10th May, making crowns with Emily’s class Tues 12th May and at Friday club Rothwell Baptist Church Fri 22nd May making crowns and sharing information. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, there is still time at… or text JEMS58 amount to 70070 to raise money and awareness for ME.

I have had another difficult weekend, my energy goes so quickly and I seem to be spending more time resting and staying away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Life doesn’t stop though and when I am up no mater how I feel things have to be done, hey ho such is life.  Having watched some of the C word, I really don’t think I should be complaining, though maybe should be more honest about what it is really like, rather than just saying I feel tired or feel unwell, as that doesn’t really explain.  Another night of insomnia, due to doing too much yesterday, I also bought and started to read the book.  I still need to finish watching the programme before I catch up in the book, although they aren’t quite the same.  People who have cancer are such an inspiration and a positive attitude goes a long way during diagnosis and treatment, but its about beating the disease, if you try to beat ME it just fights back!

A friend of mine has just written some poems I would like to share with you;

Sally also has ME, well said Sally.
Another thing that grabbed my interest was this 
I will be using this one in my awareness campaign.

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