Princess Day here I come!

It’s not a good start to the day where I want to look like a Princess, I have been awake most of the night in mega pain.  Mainly due to having my hair cut and coloured yesterday, it makes me feel very ill and a struggle for days after, so the timing of having it done was all wrong, but it has to be done when it suits other people not me.

On Friday I went to my Physio which I have once a month, it usually helps with pain and stiffness for a bit, but this week the fire alarm went off mid treatment, it is upstairs in the building, I was half dressed and had to get out and get to other side of car park!  So the treatment was ineffective.

We also found out yesterday the place we are going for the photos is affected by road closures for the Leeds half Marathon.  The people doing the photos know this, but I will be really upset if we get delayed I hate being late and the photos are a 15 min slot so easily gets messed up if people are late.

I am not sure why I chose to have photos taken as I hate having it done, Whitebox make it great fun, but I still hate the pictures, so I have set myself up for a stressful day.

Well I had better go and get my Princess junior’s breakfast ready, she is sitting with her feet up shouting out orders.  The “Prince” is still in bed and the royal cat needed a litter tray change, I feel more like Cinderella! Then I need to make a start on getting into my Princess gear, sadly unlike a real Princess I don’t have people to do things for me.

I will post the pictures on Tuesday the real Princess day, I am having mine early so Princess Junior can join in.

I will try and update later, but depends how I feel, its not looking good at the moment, medicine cupboard here I come.

You can still sponsor me at or  text JEMS58 amount to 70070.  I have currently got £340, 68% of my target of £500, would be great to get to the target, but it’s not all about the money, it trying to raise awareness of ME.

p.s Dressing as a Princess and going out to get photos taken is a very bad demonstration of what to do when you have ME.

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