Princess Junior so sad.

Last night just after Princess Junior went to bed her beloved hammy died peacefully.  It was so sad having to tell her this morning.  The hamster was old for a hamster which somehow makes it all the more sad.  She has arranged for him to have burial tonight with her friend from school.  After her initial shock and tears she said she had a picture she has drawn of him and got it out, I asked when she did it and she said it was last year, yet she knew where it was and got it straight out.

It was a very sad end to our lovely Princess day.  
Here are a few sneaky peeks for you they will be part of my fundraising photos for ME awareness you can read about them here and…/princess-for-day.html

I need to try and rest up today to be ready for the crown making with the children tomorrow as having the photos done really took it out of me and of course having to deal with the bereavement.  
I have just seen this picture demonstrating having ME, it is brilliant
And this one about sleep, so true
and this

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