ME and My Mum 20 Questions.

There is a set of questions going round on Facebook at the moment that you are supposed to ask your kids.  I tried it on Emily, she was not impressed as said why are you asking me these you know I don’t know, but some of her answers were quite enlightening and a reflection of how the ME affects us as a family. Emily’s answers are in blue.

1. What is something your Mum always says to you?

Shut up, be still.  

Sadly true, at times I am really sensitive to noise and hustle and bustle and I can’t concentrate on things in a noisy or busy environment which a house with a child is most of the time.  I hate telling her to be quiet or quieter, but she is so loud and never stops talking, but I don’t think I ever tell her quite so bluntly as “shut up.” I do ask her to be still if we are watching TV or playing a game as again it is very distracting and also makes me feel sick and dizzy, but she is never still.  I worry that she needs more exercise.

2. What makes you happy?

My bedroom and birthdays, (anyone’s birthday)

3. How does Mum make you laugh?

Tickles me.  

True but there is a limit to when I can do it and how much 🙁

4. What makes Mummy sad?

Daddy sometimes and me doing too many cartwheels.

True, Rob and I do disagree a lot about things as we are both tired and irritable a lot of the time and have different priorities and approaches to things.  She is always doing cartwheels and there just isn’t the room in the house, but she does them anyway!

5. What was Mum like as a child?

I don’t know.  Cheeky?

Ok fair point, not much is said about when I was a child.  I would not have got away with cheeky though Emily.

6. How old is Mum?


True, but only for a few more days

7. How tall is Mum?

No idea, about 2 metres?

Lol I had to check, but that is 6ft 7, I am about 5ft 3!

8. What is Mum’s favourite thing to do

Get out of the house or have a bath

Pretty accurate, given my limitations.

9. What does Mum do when you are not around?

Sleep or computer

Partly true, I have to rest, but don’t sleep, but I lay on the bed which to her means sleep.  Yes sadly I do use computer a lot, but its not all that I do.

10. What is Mum good at?


I don’t think I am that good at it, but it’s what I do given the chance, but its not easy and often stresses me out.

11. What is Mum not good at?

Cartwheels and Gymnastics

True, but she has never seen me try!

12. What does Mum do as a job?


True, sadly

13. What is Mum’s favourite food?

I don’t know, is it fish?

Well to be fair I do like fish, but I am allergic to it, so she has never seen me eat it as it literally makes me sick.

14. What makes you proud of Mum?

I have no idea, making bracelets maybe?

Sad answer

15. What do you and Mum do together?

Watch TV and make things for charity

Ok fair enough.  The charity things has come from Emily deciding last night that she is going to make bracelets from pipe cleaners and sell them for my charity, no idea how she plans to sell them, but she has a big bag of them made and says they are 10p each.  She has us all making them.

16. How are you the same as Mum?

Sometimes we have the same clothes in different sizes.

True I do sometimes buy kids clothes and we have a few items the same

17. How are you different to Mum?



18. What does Mum like most about Dad?


Sometimes I guess when it doesn’t drive me mad!

19. Where is Mum’s favourite place to go?

Rivers Meet and Salute

This is probably because these are the only places I do go.  Rivers Meet is a cafe, I do like it, but the noise gets too much and I am not able to enjoy it as much as I would like, we do go there for lunch sometimes at the weekend as otherwise I only get out to do school run.  I used to go to a quilting class there too in a quieter upstairs room, but it has moved and I can’t go any more as it is too far away 🙁 Salute is a restaurant, we used to go in quite a lot, but now I find it too noisy and find it difficult to find suitable things to eat, even though they do Gluten free its difficult to find things with my other intolerances.  It’s also quite expensive and we can’t afford it that often, its amazing how much different eating out for 3 is to 2.  Emily likes it much more than me and some of the staff have known her from being a baby so they make a fuss of her.

20. How old was Mum when you were born?

In her 30’s, from my working out 35

True, the Maths homework is paying off!

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