ME and Pain

I am in ridiculous amounts of pain at the moment, it is going right through me and I can’t tell if it’s my back or my stomach or both!  It was the same yesterday, it is making me feel really sick too.  It was like this yesterday and painkillers didn’t help, so trying to avoid them today, heat is helping a bit, but the warm weather has decided to put in an appearance so I am cooking.

It’s always difficult to know what causes what.  Am I in pain because I did too much at the weekend, is it the stress of having work done in the house, is it because I am fighting the bug that Emily has, or could it be the paint fumes?  On Monday the Drs phoned to say my vitamin D is low and I need a supplement, low Vit D can cause pain too, but I don’t think it is that as it only got so much worse this week, blood test was last week.  Or is it just that I have have a bit of relief from pain due to doing less and increasing my Amitriptyline?  Or is it because I have been taking lots of painkillers?  It could be some all or none of these reasons!

I have got the Vit D supplement, but no instructions to take it so have to wait until I have seen Dr tomorrow. I am rather annoyed as I have been trying to find out my levels since March and with waits to see Dr and waits for blood tests have only just found out.  I am glad I am not seriously ill, it’s no wonder people end up at A&E.

Emily was off school yesterday with a cold, she says she feels much better today and has gone to school, but she is still far from well and I feel bad that she has gone, but it was her choice.  it makes it easier for me as I have to arrange help if she doesn’t go to school, but I am worried about her and the impact on her health of going when she is obviously not well.  She has swimming today and really wanted to go, but at last minute decided that maybe she wasn’t up to it.  She is also supposed to be running race for life this afternoon, do hope she is ok.  it’s always difficult to know what to do about time off school as they are put under a lot of pressure to have good attendance and told they are letting class down if they are off. I know a cold is not really ill, but it impacts on what they are able to do and spreads it around the other children and increases the time it takes for them to get better.  Mind you I always feel so ill with a cold, maybe normal people don’t feel so bad.

Coincidentally I have just got to this on the Mindfulness course

“When you acknowledge pain, instead of trying to fight it or ignore it, you pay greater attention to the sensation of the pain, feeling kindly towards it, identifying with the sensation of this physical pain and the rawness within the body. Pain causes you to stiffen and tense, but when taking a mindful approach, it’s all about awareness, recognition and working with a deeper conjunction to the body and mind.
But often there is psychological pain too and this is caused through anxiety, frustration and stress. When learning to let go of this psychological pain, it is evident that any formerly tense muscles that surround the area of pain begin to relax and this helps to reduce the sensation of pain and your perception of it.”( Mindfulness Diploma 2015)

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