ME is real and it’s bad

I have seen a few things this week trying to get across the impact of ME and how it affects us

Firstly an article from Health Rising, “The authors looked at median and mean quality of life scores. The median scores are a more accurate measurement of a community because they’re not skewed by people with really high or low scores. How did the quality of the lives of people with ME/CFS stack up next to those of people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attack or stroke? They were worse – significantly worse.”  There is another take on it here  stating “In a list of 21 medical conditions, including: breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, renal failure, stroke brain, lung cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, depression, angina, among 10 others…ME/CFS is listed first in severity of disability.   FIRST.”

Along similar lines this image 

and this 
I have also read a couple of blog posts by Sian Wooton who describes what it is like to have the condition and the realities of trying to do things that you want to do Let me put it this way and Holiday Reality.  Well said Sian.  And another post from Anna Jones about fatigue.
I am sure that people will say that I am not that bad, believe what you like, I know how it feels and it hurts not to be believed and makes me push myself all the more which makes things worse.
I think some of these images sum up my feelings, especially the last one!!

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