Facebook withdrawal!

Well I am on day 7 without Facebook as my my Give It Uptober.  I don’t miss it except for something to keep me occupied as I have a tendency to overdo it if not distracted by Facebook as I need to be doing something.  It is a bit weird not knowing what people are doing and not telling people what I have been doing, but it is all quite pointless and a waste of time and precious energy.  I also share my blog posts on Facebook, so not sure how many people will see this one.

Last night a friend messaged me to ask why I was on Facebook, I wasn’t, but due to having the messages come into my phone, if I am using my phone I appear as available on Facebook.  Rob thinks he has sorted it and I haven’t been cheating!  Facebook emailed me to say I have 5 messages, but I have no idea who they are from, I don’t normally get many messages, wonder if some people are trying to catch me out?!  I am wondering whether to disable my account, but to do that I have to go into Facebook!

I am still spending too much time online, looking at news which is usually depressing and scrolling through Pinterest, which I don’t normally do a lot. I have pinned a lot of nice clothes and recipes, but I know I won’t get the clothes or use the recipes, so yet another waste of time. I have been looking for Christmas present ideas, but have no idea what to get for anyone.

I have been trying to do some craft bits, but by the time I get things out and have run out of energy or inspiration or can’t concentrate properly.  As usual I have lots of ideas and not enough time and energy or I lose confidence and don’t think things will be good enough so avoid doing them.

There is a lot of sorting out to do in the house now that building and decorating etc is finished.  It is hard work though and I can only do small amounts and it’s a long way up 2 flights of stairs especially as 1 flight is bad enough, so I have to limit how much I go up there and have to have a rest halfway!!  It makes me feel so useless.  The room itself is great, but Emily hasn’t fully moved in yet.  We need to crack on to get things sorted out so we can see what we have and get our stuff back from storage which is costing money.  I am so ashamed of how much stuff we have and much of it doesn’t get used.  There is so much craft stuff and books it’s embarrassing and it’s no wonder I feel overwhelmed and can never decide what to do.

I was thinking about all the stuff and about Christmas.  As I said I have no idea what to get for people and whilst there are always things I would like, much of it seems pretty pointless; shoes, clothes, craft stuff and books are lovely to receive but rarely get used and have to be kept somewhere.

Well time to go, getting quite dizzy and tired, I had little sleep due to Emily being upset last night and sleeping in with me and because I have been doing too much.  It sounds mad saying I have done too much when it feels like nothing ever gets done and there is so much that needs sorting out.  I am also waiting for the Audiologist to come and adjust my hearing aids, I had them turned up at the weekend, but they are too loud and that is making me dizzy too, but if they get turned down I can’t hear speech, it’s rather complicated and not much fun having them set up and adjusted, it makes me very tired and dizzy and makes my Tinnitus much worse and then I have no idea what I can hear and what I can’t hear!!

As I am currently away from Facebook, where I share and promote my blog, please could you share this blog if you have found it interesting or useful.  Many thanks

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