Little Miss Brainfog

Little Miss Brainfog lived in a normal house in a normal street, surrounded by normal people.

Little Miss Brainfog also looked normal, but had an illness with and extraordinarily long name, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which it is easier to call ME.

Like it’s name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is also rather complicated and extraordinary.

The illness made Little Miss Brainfog feel like ; Little Miss Dotty, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Fickle, Little Miss Whoops, Mr Bump, Mr Topsy Turvey, Mr Forgetful, Mr Lazy, Mr Muddle, Mr Dizzy, Mr Grumpy, Mr Clumsy, Mr Worry, Mr Slow and Mr Grumble all rolled in to one.

Along with a few others that you may not have heard of  before such as Little Miss Ouch, Little Miss Confused, Little Miss Sleepy and Little Miss Lonely.

In a morning when it was time to get up Little Miss Brainfog found it very difficult to get out of bed because of feeling unwell and tired.  People thought she was like Mr Lazy, but she really wanted to be up and doing things like Little Miss Busy and Mr Rush.

Once out of bed Little Miss Brainfog used a lot of energy getting her breakfast and getting ready, it was hard work and she felt very like Mr Slow.

Little Miss Brainfog has difficulty doing things for herself and often needs help, this makes her feel like Little Miss Useless.

After getting ready Little Miss Brainfog tries to do things, but because of feeling ill and not being able to concentrate or think properly she feels like Mr Muddle, Mr Clumsy, Mr Dizzy, Little Miss Dotty, Mr Forgetful, Little Miss Scatterbrain and Little Miss Whoops all in one.  This is what brainfog feels like and why she is called Little Miss Brainfog.

Little Miss Brainfog finds it difficult to get out and meet people and join in activities, people think she is like Mr Rude and Mr Uppity, but it’s actually because of the brainfog and feeling so ill and in pain.  All the other people in Normal Town seem to have fun and know lots of people and do lots of things.  Little Miss Brainfog feels left out and lonely as well as being ill.

When Little Miss Brainfog does go out she feels like Mr Silly as she needs to use a wheelchair and people don’t think normal looking people should use wheelchairs.  As well as not being able to walk Little Miss Brainfog finds the light, noise and business of Normal Town very overwhelming and just wants to go home or find a place called peace and quiet land- which doesn’t seem to exist.

Little Miss Brainfog has to rest during the day, but she really wants to be like Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Quick, Little Miss Tidy, Little Miss Fun and Little Miss Somersault.

Little Miss Brainfog tries her hardest all the time and wants to be like Mr Strong and Mr Perfect, but the harder she tries the worse the extraordinary illness becomes and she feels like another unknown Mr Pathetic.

Have you ever tried to run a marathon through treacle whilst in pain, with lots of noise and flashing lights around you, whilst carrying the weekly shopping?  You haven’t?  This is what doing a very ordinary task feels like to Little Miss Brainfog, for example walking upstairs and then when you get to the end you become Little Miss Scatterbrain and forget why you are there and have to do the whole marathon again.

Have you ever been so tired that all you want to do is go to bed for a good sleep?  Little Miss Brainfog feels like this all the time, but when she tries to sleep she can’t, how very peculiar!

Have you ever spun around until you feel so dizzy you fall over?  This is what Little Miss Brainfog feels like standing still.  How bizzare!

Little Miss Brainfog might look normal, or appear to be like Mr Lazy, Little Miss Scatterbrain, Little Miss Whoops or Mr Rude. Actually she is some very special people inside like Mr Strong, Mr Impossible, Mr Clever, Mr Brave, Mr Good, Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Star, Little Miss Wise, Little Miss Brainy and Little Miss Stubborn.

She would love to be Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Fun, Mr Happy, Mr Bounce, Mr Clever and Mr Busy.

So remember the next time you see a person they might not be who you think they are, appearances are deceptive.

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