January makes

Made for my daughter 9th birthday using 3 different patterns from Stitching cards, home-made backing paper from Craftville.

For a friends daughter, pattern from Cardbroidery, backing paper and card from Riverbank Revels.
Made for my husband using pattern from Craftsuprint and home-made backing paper from Craftville.  it’s a difficult pattern as if any of the holes are marginally out of line it shows, but pleased with finished result, sadly photo doesn’t do it justice, I need to work on my photo techniques!!
When my grandma died in 2014 I got this cushion cover that she had made, it was on very flimsy fabric so didn’t hold shape well with cushion pad in so I made the cover into the front and added an envelope back (below) with fabric from Hobbycraft.

 I took this picture by chance through Emily’s bedroom window and am going to have a play about and try to make it into a card.

Emily has been busy too, she made a bag at her sewing class at Rivers MEET, fabric from the Rivers Meet shop.

Emily and I had a play about with her Hama Beads and I made the duck as she was having a duck themed birthday and she made the heart with an M for Mummy, awwww!

I also made an Iris folded card for a 30th birthday, but in my haste I forgot to photograph it!
I finally made a start on a top I have wanted to knit for ages, but was having issues with the pattern.  I must have tried a dozen times to get the lacy pattern right and couldn’t do it, tried to adapt and use an easier lacy pattern added into this pattern instead, but that didn’t work either always ended up with not enough stitches at end.  In the end I decided that as y wool is multi coloured and has sequins I really don’t need pattern as well so just doing plain tunic using this pattern for size and shaping.
This how far I have got since starting it just before Christmas, I think it’s going to be a long wait!

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