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It’s not been much of productive month with one thing and another crafting has taken a back seat or things are not finished yet.
I did manage a couple of hours at quilting class, but no obvious changes in quilt appearance and won’t be able to go to April class because of school holidays.
Card using template from Dee Craft, papers printed with Craftville baking paper maker and some metallic paper source unknown.

Card using template from Dee Craft, papers printed with Craftville baking paper makerand bow from Yellow Moon
Emily has continued with her sewing class at Rivers Meet and made a felt bag, a felt flower brooch and a little fabric bunny.  Emily’s school had an Easter egg decorating competition, this is what Emily made, it is supposed to be our hamster and cat, they were done in rather a rush, but they looked cute. The competition was amazing and she didn’t win anything, so had to try and tell her it is not just about winning, but as I know it’s hard to make an effort to make something and then find other people have made much better ones

One of the reasons I haven’t done much myself is because I have been trying to sort out my craft stuff and move it to be more accessible, but of course when I do anything like that I have to pay for it and have landed myself in bed a few times from trying, but it’s getting there slowly and I can see better what I have got (far too much) and of course found lots of unfinished stuff and had lots of ideas for using things, but never the time or energy.
On Friday Emily and I tried to take part in Rivers Meet Give a Duck an outfit which is a group making outfits for Chemo duck, cuddly ducks given to children having chemotherapy.  I should have known it was beyond me, I needed to be able to sit in a noisy room, follow a pattern, sew, cut out and have Emily with me, I lasted about 15 mins!  Plus part of my sewing machine was missing so couldn’t use it and had to buy a new bit!  I was so disappointed and was in floods of tears after looking really stupid, letting people down and setting a bad example to Emily.  I am not really sure why I thought I would be able to do it anyway, my sewing skills are very basic and I can’t follow recipes or patterns, but I thought it was a nice idea and Emily wanted to join in.  Anyway Chemo duck did get some great outfits that I am sure the kids will love and outfits are being made at Rivers Meet the last Friday of every month, contact on 01977 279729 if you want to join in.

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