May – ME Awareness month

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a disabling and chronic illness, devastating the lives of 250,000 people in the UK. May is ME awareness month, with the main day being May 12th. Help us raise awareness and raise funds for ME research.
I have had ME for nearly 20 years and there is still no know diagnosis or cure. My husband and daughter have never known me well and I hate the effect it has on us all every single day. I am not as badly affected as many, but still lead a very limited life. I am not able to work or care properly for my family and every day breaks my heart.
Please show your support by making a donation and or finding out a little bit about ME and how it affects sufferers. The government is currently reassessing disability payments and benefits and many of us will lose what little we get and other benefits such as mobility cars and blue badges because our illness is not visible enough or it is thought to be psychological or fake.
Believe me I wouldn’t chose to live like this and make life so difficult for myself and those I love. It’s a cruel and unforgiving illness.
Thank you for reading, please share if you can.
My justgiving page is
Other events are taking place online;
Information about ME can be found at;

I am not actively fundraising this year as it was very hard work and there are only so many times you can ask people to donate.  But if anyone wants me to make cards or jewellery I will ask them for a donation to an ME charity.

I have made these for ME awareness

These are available and I can make same or similar check out my April Makes or other makes posts for other examples of what I make.

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