UFO’s, no not flying objects, but unfinished objects, although my unfinished objects probably have more chance of flying.

Having made quite a few cards in May now that my craft stuff is more accessible and the mess can be shut away, I really want to do something else.

I have my never ending quilt still on the go, I haven’t been to a class for ages and can’t see me being able to go any time soon, I do wish there was an accessible week day one, but the demand is only for weekends as that’s when most people are free.  My sewing machine now gets used more by Emily as she goes to a weekly sewing class.  For me to use the machine in between it means setting it up, changing the foot and thread and it just feels like to much effort to have to change it back again for Emily’s class.  I also think I need a bit of a move around as the sewing table is not accessible and not near light, but not sure how I can do that, so it just stays packed up from one week to the next.

Blog posts don’t get finished either started this one over a week ago, but have been feeling so worn out and dizzy I haven’t managed to finish or work out what I want to say.

The sewing table is still waiting to be moved as I can’t do it myself.

I got new dies for card making for my birthday, but don’t have the energy to make anything with them.  I have a few ideas, but that’s as far as it goes.  Will try and write another post about what I got.

I also have knitting projects on the go, some of them are several years old, but knitting is too difficult at the moment, one row wore me out.

I have lots of beads and bead kits and some techniques I haven’t tried yet, but they all sit there awaiting my attention.

I thought about taking photos of everything for inspiration, but it’s more likely to make me cry.

How do others get things done or get motivated when feeling ill?

Oh well one day at a time.

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