Cats, Sheep and websites

Here are a couple of frames that I made yesterday.  Emily wanted me to put them on my blog now rather than wait for the end of the month, so here I am doing as I am told.

For a friend whose cat passed away earlier in the week.  Heart cut using Spellbinders Pawing Around die. Button Trimits mini heart buttons.  Text printed, mounted in Ikea box frame.
Made for my daughter whose favourite toy is a sheep with a purple face who she can’t live without, he is rather scruffy and threadbare now, but she still loves him.  Emily says her sheep has purple ears too, so he needs a bit of work to perfect him!  Sheep cut using Create and Craft Metal Sheep Die.  Text printed, mounted in Ikea box frame.  I am tempted to do a Baa Baa black sheep one.  I also have similar dies for a cat, dog, hedgehog and squirrel.
I am hoping that I might be able to get my website back up and running and to sell some of my makes.  It will be slow progress especially with school holidays coming up, but an exciting prospect and makes me feel happier and able to make things for a reason, so watch this space!
I am hopeless with pricing, I am hopeless at pricing. I have to cover the costs which for the framed ones the frames cost £3.50, so would really need to charge at least £5, but then postage would be as much again, obviously not an issue for local people.  The dies used to cut the shapes are a one off cost, but are not cheap.
Cards also have costs, the stitched ones and Iris ones use a pattern which is a one off cost, but if people have particular requirements and want me to purchase a pattern then it is a greater cost, they are also time consuming and have the cost of the card, envelopes and bags to cover, all stuff to think about.
Being ill and not being able to produce large numbers of items means I will never cover all my costs, but it’s nice to get some appreciation for what I make.  Also need to be careful not to get too excited and try to do too much.
The sheep now has purple ears and I have glue in my hair!!


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