October makes

I am rather frustrated as I have typed quite a bit of this post already and then lost it!!

It’s been a long and hectic month and right now my head feels full of cotton wool and I wonder if I should really be writing at all, but I need something to distract me so here goes take 2!

If you follow my blog you will know we spent a lot of the summer hunting elephants in Sheffield.  October marked the end of the Herd of Sheffield and an auction to sell them off.  I decided to do my bit and make some cards to mark the occasion, but whatever I might make will be small fry compared to the £410,600 made at the auction.  Not sure that my cards are that good, but they are unique and I think they are cute.  They are available to buy in my webshop with information about which elephant inspired them.

You can read more about our own goodbye to the elephants here









Yay just sold 3 as I type this!!  Plus a donation so £15 winging it’s way to charity.

All the elephants cards are made with cards from Dee Craft and a variety of papers including ones printed from Paper printables and craftville.  They were great fun to make.


Made with pattern from Stitching cards



Made using die cuts and Ikea box frames (available in shop)


Golden wedding thank you cards made with heart cut with large heart punch, greeting printed and stuck on.


Made with pattern from Form a Lines, heart embossed card by Craftstyle

I also made a box frame with a button heat and the couples names and wedding date, but forgot to photograph it!


Pattern from Ann’s paper art, backing paper printed with Craftville backing paper maker

2016-10-24chocfrogEmily at chocolate workshop in Scarborough many thanks to Amelia’s for squeezing her in at the last minute.


Pumpkin pizzas for Halloween.

Think I will finish here, it’s taken 3 days to get this far and I need to rest up for Our Handmade Collective Christmas launch tonight, it’s always a great event.




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