Daily Living with ME pt3

Way back in 1990 I began training to be a nurse. It was great, I loved it so much, but sadly like many other things in my life it was brought to an end by ill health. When we were assessing patients we used a model called Activities of Daily living devised by Roper Logan and Tierney.

This was brought to mind recently when my Mum asked for help with the assessment of my Dad’s abilities and needs with his Parkinson’s disease. It’s amazing what you remember after 26 years, yet can’t remember what you did yesterday!

It has set me thinking about my own daily activities and limitations and the effects they have on me and my family.

The model uses the sections;
Maintaining a safe environment
Eating and drinking
Washing and dressing
Controlling temperature
• Working and playing
• Expressing sexuality
• Sleeping
• Death and dying

Everyone who has ME/CFS has different needs and limitations, I can only portray my own.

I thought I could write a blog about each element so this one will be;


Well I breathe, it’s pretty essential.

I can get out of breath if I walk too far or going upstairs. Having a bath can make me quite out of breath too.

I have a lot of palpitations due to adrenaline surges and this gives a kind of breathless feeling, but not the same as being out of breath.

I sometimes hyperventilate due to anxiety, but over time have learned to control this.

Most relaxation techniques advocate deep breathing, but I find it makes me dizzy so increases my anxiety.

If i had my nurses head on I would have to say that lack of exercise makes me susceptible to chest infections and pulmonary embolism.  I have been at this level for about 15 years and not had any problems, but I should not tempt fate.


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