Daily Living with ME pt6

Way back in 1990 I began training to be a nurse. It was great, I loved it so much, but sadly like many other things in my life it was brought to an end by ill health. When we were assessing patients we used a model called Activities of Daily living devised by Roper Logan and Tierney.

This was brought to mind recently when my Mum asked for help with the assessment of my Dad’s abilities and needs with his Parkinson’s disease. It’s amazing what you remember after 26 years, yet can’t remember what you did yesterday!

It has set me thinking about my own daily activities and limitations and the effects they have on me and my family.

The model uses the sections;
Maintaining a safe environment
Eating and drinking
Washing and dressing
Controlling temperature
• Mobilisation
• Working and playing
• Expressing sexuality
• Sleeping
• Death and dying

Everyone who has ME/CFS has different needs and limitations, I can only portray my own.

I thought I could write a blog about each element so this one will be;

Washing and Dressing

Most of the time I am able to have a basic wash and dress myself or wait until I feel strong enough.  Sometimes I need help to get undressed and into bed, which Emily or Rob will help me with.

I need supervision for a bath and have bath rails to get in and out, I also have a bath board, but it’s awkward to use so usually manage without.  When bathing I need to be careful of dizziness and of getting cold.  I sometimes need help to get dried.  I am unable to wash and or dry my own hair, it is washed and dried for me twice a week.  I keep my hair short so it is quicker to wash and dry as I find holding my head up and having it moved around makes me feel dizzy and it gets quite uncomfortable.

I don’t have showers as it is hard to work to stand and I also get too cold.

If I am able to lie down in the water I use the bath to help manage pain and to get warm.  I am not able to use the bath as much as I would like to as it is hard work.

I usually wear loose, warm and comfortable clothes, without fiddly fastenings.  I rest in my clothes during the day.


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