Meet Dee

Dee made me a lovely memory bear from some of my Dad’s clothes.

“Hello there! My name is Dee and I have been sewing since my young years. I had my first sewing machine at the age of 10. I was sewing soft toys for the family business by the age of 12, and designing and manufacturing for the family business at 15.

I do many different crafts from plaque making, to clay modelling, and have been a professional cake maker/decorator for 18yrs. All in, I’ve been self employed for 35 yrs, but my biggest love of all is sewing.

My Business name is Whole Lot Of Lovely, and I chose that because so many people have said “You do Lots of Lovely things!” My favorite items that I make are my Teddy Bears, I make Memory Bears, Special occasion Bears (Weddings, Birthdays etc) memory school uniform bears, and occupation Bears. Each bear has its own character and personality! Thats why I love them!

The worst part of crafting and sewing is the tidying up! I sell my makes and creations on Facebook also locally, and at The Knitting Bee and Craft Shop which is roughly 5 mile away in Colwyn Bay, and I like to purchase a majority of my materials from there too.

I live in Abergele in North Wales, just down the road from the beach, so I’m lucky in many ways. Here I show you some of my Bears and makes…”



dee3This is my bear

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