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Due to space limitations on my web hosting I am now using smaller images in posts, but if you hover over image and click it will enlarge.


Blanket made from PomPon baby Yarn, Orange/Blue for new Niece or Nephew.  Nephew arrived 1st June.  I  started the blanket with a border, but realised that the bottom edge border was pulling in too tight, but carried on to end and did the top edge border then went to unpick bottom edge to make the same and disaster struck and I lost a lot of the stitches and had to start all over again, I was mortified, the blanket had taken me 4 months and I then only had a about 3 weeks until baby was due.  Amazingly I got the blanket remade in 1 week and it looks better without border, will stick to pattern in future rather than trying to adapt myself!


Eiffel tower pattern from Stitching cards, made for my daughters Paris scrapbook.



Iris folded card, template from Dee Craft, used glitter paper and 18 paper printed with Baking Paper Maker from Craftville



Stitched card pattern from Ann’s Paper Art, sister paper printed with Baking Paper Maker from Craftville


Pattern from Add Some Sparkle, used stick on pearl for nose and black bead for eye


Template from Dee Craft and mixture of papers from stash, with pink bow for tail and stick on crystal for eye

Same pattern for pink and blue card from Add Some Sparkle, stick on pearls and bow for trim.  I made one of each as we didn’t know the gender of the new addition to the family.  It is a boy, I had made the blue card first, maybe I knew 😉 The pink one will be for sale in my shop.

In addition to my own shop here at Crafty Jane’s I also now have a shop at Conscious Crafties, A “WORLDWIDE Handmade Craft and Skills marketplace for creative people living with CHRONIC ILLNESSDISABILITY or CARING for a loved one. BUY or SELL handmade crafts or HIRE our skills.
ALL customers welcome (you don’t have to be sick, disabled or a carer).”  There are shop great shops and some very talented and creative people all living with illness or caring responsibilities.


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