In Sickness and Poetry

I took Emily to a kids poetry workshop earlier this week with Conrad Burdekin.  It was great fun and Conrad showed us how to form a basic poem.

Those of you who follow me will know I write about my illness, to give me an outlet for frustrations and to talk about how it makes me feel.

I wrote a few simple poems, very simple, think I have a lot to learn, but it’s a good distraction trying to think up words and a way to describe how I am feeling and it keeps it light hearted rather than a moan.

So here we are my attempts

I’m looking for some energy,
Mine has left the building,
I wish they sold it in the shop
I’d be right there with my shilling!


I hurt all over,
What a pain,
That’s another day
Down the drain!


Time for bed,
I’m feeling tired
Hope when I get there
I’m not too wired


Round and round in my head,
The rhyming words are busy,
It’s better than the normal stuff,
That makes me really dizzy


I’m trying not to moan,
It’s not much fun being ill,
I’m trying to find the funny side
A little happy pill.
So please bear with my poems,
And please don’t lose the will
It’s easier to smile,
Than think about being ill
It’s 5 am
I’m laid awake
Come on sleep,
Give me a break





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