Poems for Family

My daughter has just gone into year six at primary school, I don’t know where the time has gone

I made a card for her and wrote this poem

The big year six
It’s finally here
Your time left at primary
Is only a year

There’s lots to be learnt
And tests to be done
But when you look back
You’ll remember the fun

Do your best
And do not worry
Take your time
And do not hurry

Enjoy your year
And learn new things
Then you’ll be ready
To spread your wings

I will post a picture of the card in another blog.

I also wrote a poem for my Dad

This time last year,
Who could know
That you would go
Just seven months later.
Now everyday
I’m heard to mutter
Ooo me Dad would know!

Many thanks to Conrad Burdekin for inspiring me to write them.

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