Summer Makes Pt 1

Well autumn is well and truly here.  I love the colours of autumn and the falling leaves, but am finding the heavy rain this year rather depressing.

The Summer went busily and fast as ever and now the kids only have 3 and a half weeks to the next holiday!  My daughter has just gone into her final year at primary school so we are doing high school visits at the moment and have to apply by end of October.  It feels like a big decision, especially as our preferred school is oversubscribed.

I did manage a bit of craft over the summer, here is what I made for some August birthdays

This was special request for a disabled man who loves Asda, using an Asda font and Asda colours.

Another special request for a lady who uses a wheelchair and loves all things fussy and pink.
Personalised backing paper created with Craftville Backing Paper maker. The lady is a clip art and wheel made with a spirelli die cut. Umbrella die cut and Tattered Lace greeting.

Made for a fisherman’s 50th birthday using pattern from Stitching Cards.  Sun die cut, fish and bucket die cutfish backing paper personalised with backing paper maker and Tattered Lace greeting

I will be back with the next instalment when I feel up to it, fading fast at the moment.

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