One More Step Along The World We Go

Well I survived my birthday, got some lovely presents and visited  Kitty Cafe Leeds for tea and cake 🙂 There is an amazing selection of teas and lots of cute cats so that’s me sorted

We have been back again twice!!  It’s not cheap as you have to pay per person per visit plus anything you eat or drink, but it’s relaxing and fun and keeps Emily occupied too and she was most put out when we went once without her!! I get on better with cats than people!  I had to laugh at myself yesterday waiting for Emily to finish her sewing class a cat wandered past, I said “oh hello”, if it had been a person I wouldn’t have said anything!!!

A lot has happened in the 3 weeks since my birthday as emily was finishing Primary school and moving to High school, it’s been very hectic with so many leaving and new comers events.  In our area of Leeds the children move to their new year in July and do a week or two transistion before the summer holiday.  Its a great idea and saves a lot of worry during the summer holidays for kids and parents.  Monday was Emily’s first day.  We had to take her for 8.20 and then leave, she came home on the bus.  I think she was most nervous about the bus, but coped well and was really excited when she came home and said she wanted to go back!  It was great to see her so happy and able to put the worries of the move behind her.  She had got to know a few people as there aren’t many children from her primary school, but she couldn’t remember the name of her form teacher!!

It’s the start of a new era for me too having finished with 7 years of school runs.  I have to be up earlier in the morning to make sure Emily is off to school.  School finishes earlier so I am on my own about the same amount of time, but don’t have to drive as she catches bus to and from school.  It’s a change to my routine and has muddled me up so I am not resting well and feel pretty rubbish, but it’s also been a busy few weeks so will be nice when things settle down.  Emily has several events so it will be after the holidays before I get into a new routine I think.

I don’t know what I will do with myself, I still have to be up and about in case a problem with buses.  Emily is having to give up the only after school class I take her to as it clashes with school commitments.  It will be a relief, but also sad. It was difficult for me to get her to class and then wait for her and drive home again.  Sometimes Rob caught bus from work to meet us and drive home, but often the bus was missing so he had to go home instead.  Unless the school buses are messed up or Emily has an after school event I won’t have any reason to go out, but I am sure things won’t be a quiet as I imagine, life usually keeps me on my toes. It is sad when the only time I go anywhere is to take Emily somewhere.  I can’t take myself somewhere as I can’t drive there do something and drive back and I can’t walk so can only go places where I can park outside.  I can’t drive more than a few miles, so it’s very limiting.  The only times I get out are if we all go somewhere, but that’s usually only running errands at weekends and going to visit family.

I have lots of ideas for things I want to make, but I get very disillusioned as I have no way of selling them or any interest.  I can’t make large amounts.  I had a bit of stock which I sent to Emily’s school for their summer fair, but i was upset to see they were selling my cards and pictures for 50p and £1 on the Bric a Brac stall!  They asked for seaside theme stuff for raffle and stall so I made a couple of pictues especially

I have no idea if they sold, I was hoping to get them back!

I have lots of things I want to do and things to finish, but I know in reality much of it will stay in my head and I will only make stuff for my own needs.

I have some other things to post about but will end this one before it becomes a long ramble.






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