Don’t be embarrassed.

I am writing this to say please don’t be embarrassed if you have a problems with your private parts, hiding it will not help you and delays in treatment can be costly, not to mention painful.  I know there seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment writing blogs about personal health issues and mental health etc, but if I am accused of jumping on the bandwagon, so be it, if it saves one person I will be happy.  I have been following Dave Eldergill who wrote a book I read and is also blogging about his embarrassing situation, he has much more wit than me!

I have now been diagnosed (yes I know a diagnosis!) with Lichen Sclerosus It’s an auto immune condition which can’t be cured, but can be treated. It’s a very sore and embarrassing condition. Basically it is a very itchy skin condition on your private parts.  It’s another one for me to learn to spell!

I am waiting for prescription for strong steroid cream. I went to hospital on Wednesday, but hospital can’t issue prescription so waiting for GP to do it, dropped hospital letter into GP on Wednesday afternoon to get prescription issued.  Rob tried to chase it last night and was in a phone queue for 20 mins and then the surgery closed!!

At the moment I can’t wear trousers, tights or leggings as it is too sore. I am wearing long skirts and socks, very trendy!! I have ordered some thick over knee sock to go under the skirts, it’s getting too cold!  It’s a good job I am not known for my great dress sense!

I have to go back to hospital in 3 months to get checked again and see if cream has worked. The cream may work, but it will come back and need treating again.

I am so thankful to the GP that finally examined me, but annoyed with the others who tried to guess what it was, as the condition left untreated can become cancerous.  I have been suffering for months, although it’s much worse now and 3 Drs visits failed to diagnose.  The 4th visit the GP examined me and referred me straight to hospital and I was seen in a week!  The others gave me anti-biotics for an infection, cream for thrush and tested for urine infection.  The 4th GP also took swabs for STI’s, embarrassing, but necessary.  Also given that you have to wait an average 3 weeks for an appointment with a GP, it’s been a drawn out issue, getting progressively worse.  Complicated of course by the fact that I have ME, so Dr’s assume you can’t get other conditions or that you are exaggerating or that it’s just the ME.

Interestingly it is an auto immune condition, which ME is also thought to be, so that maybe why I have it.  it could also be exacerbated by my gluten free diet these foods are said to make it worse;

~spinach, raw and cooked,
~canned pineapple
~many boxed cereals
~dried fruits
~rice bran
~bran flakes
~soy flour
~brown rice flour
~potatoes in all forms, including baked, French fries, and potato chips
~buckwheat groats
~cocoa powder, and hot chocolate
~nut products, such as peanut butter

I can’t cut anything else from my diet, already being gluten free, dairy free, low sugar, fish free, yeast free, it’s a nightmare.  I eat most of the things on the list, and almonds, rice flour and potatoes are staples of a gluten free diet.

The hospital were lovely, it makes a change. And I got to see my bits on a screen (lovely), but once you have had IVF treatment, nothing bothers you!

Hoping my prescription is ready today, I can’t face waiting until after the weekend.

So now I have another embarrassing, invisible condition to add to my others!! Lucky me!


I have just been to Drs surgery as Rob couldn’t get through on phone. Arrived and no one on reception. Then receptionist said hospital letter not looked at yet and asked if I needed it urgently, I said yes. She marked it as urgent, but says it won’t be looked at before 2.30. I asked if it will be ready today, she said she cannot guarantee it and if it is going to be ready it will be done by 4.30!!!  It’s horrid weather, it’s wet, windy and cold. Bin men dumped bins in front of my drive whilst I was out so couldn’t get back in without moving them. I have just heard at least one of them blow over!  I am sick of using my little energy on chasing people and needlessly going out etc and it’s not going to help me feel any better.  I am now off to bed!

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