Man makes

Men are so difficult to make cards for and what do you do when your husband has birthday less than a week before Valentine’s day, so you have 2 cards to make? Please note that my birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary and I am lucky to get 1 card, let alone 2! This year my birthday and wedding anniversary is also Father’s day, hmmmm.

My husband is not too difficult to make for as he likes most of the things I make, but I like to do something different each year.

This year I made a stitched computer card, using a pattern from Stitching cards. I added my own lettering using Stitching Cards font and then mounted on graph paper.

For Valentine’s Day I saw a great pattern on Stitching Cards for Valentine’s Dinosaurs. I stitched them in blue and pink (very stereotypical) and mount on pink heart paper.

I am forever saying that I won’t buy more craft dies or patterns for that matter, but I recently bought Stitching patterns for Beer Glasses, Computer┬áNerd, and Football/Rugby. I also bought a Sue Wilson BBQ Die
in a sale and made the card below as a trial. It will be a great one for male birthday’s and Father’s day ( I don’t remember my Dad cooking on a BBQ!)

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