No appeal

After receiving my PIP Mandatory Reconsideration decision I decided not to appeal, despite many people telling me I should. I was told I could lodge an appeal just to get evidence looked at again, but not to go to tribunal, this was not actually true.

I have decided not to appeal, it takes to much time and energy which I don’t have.  The process so far has taken 6 months and been very stressful, I cannot let it take any more time.  The process has had a big impact on me and my family and we now just want to put it behind us and get on with our lives.

We are still coping with the impacts due to losing my Motability car.  The car gave me a little bit of independence, which is the whole purpose of PIP (personal independence payment).  The assessors have a difficult job, but they tell you that you are able to do things that you have told them you cannot.  Several times in my written assessment it says you were seen to do x therefore I have decided you can do x, y & z.

The sad reality is that only the people who are well enough and strong enough go to appeal, those with greater needs lose out.  There is no way I could physically or mentally attend a tribunal.  You are also expected to provide more evidence and supporting material, but I have already submitted all my evidence and support in order to present a strong case and avoid a tribunal.  The other issue with a tribunal is that they could decide that I don’t qualify for what I have been awarded, I cannot take that risk, I need what I have.

When I was on DLA I had an indefinite award, my PIP is for 3 years.  I understand the need to keep tabs on people and assess for changes, but  this means that in only 2 years I will have to go through the whole process again to justify my award.
Being ill and disabled is hard enough and already takes away such a big chunk of life and independence, to then have this scrutinised and to have to justify needs on a regular basis is soul destroying.  It has caused me and my family a lot of stress and made us very unhappy.

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