Meet Emily

My daughter Emily has started making Scrunchies after meeting a girl also called Emily at a BTRS fundraising event. They are both making them for BTRS a local charity raising money for Brain tumour research and support.

What is your craft?
Making hair scrunchies

How did you get started and when?
Just after Christmas 2019 inspired by Scrunchies by Ems on Instagram , who I met at a Christmas fair in aid of BTRS.

Does your business have a name?

What is your favourite part of your craft?
The fundraising

What is your least favourite part?
Hand sewing

Do you have a favourite thing that you make?
The blue leaf one

Blue Leaf Scrunchie

Do you have website or Facebook page?
I have a page on my Mum’s website Crafty Jane’s and an Instagram page Em does Scrunchies

Do you sell your makes?
Yes, contact me on Instagram

What is your favourite craft product?
The fabric varieties

What is your favourite craft supplier?
Mum’s drawer of fabric LOL

Personal details
12 (nearly 13)

Follow me on Instragram

Me at BTRS fundraiser with Thunder from Therapy Huskies

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