Oreo's Tails

Oreo is nearly 7 months old and just as with babies she has changed a lot. In fact according to the information I found she is almost a teenager! She is certainly showing that sort of behaviour!

I can’t cope with 2 teenage girls in the house!! Hopefully due to having being spayed Oreo will be less hormonal than my daughter who officially became a teenager 3 weeks ago, but it feel like she has been in her teens since she started school and just when you think the attitude can’t get any worse, it does!

Anyway back to the cat. When we first had her she was very affectionate and like to be held would sit on your knee and sleep. Now she does things on her terms and doesn’t sit on us. She likes to sit up on our shoulders especially if we are trying to do something! She likes to come downstairs like that, but usually only does it to me including if I am carrying a load of washing and she wants to sit on top of the washing, I am sure she probably thinks she is helping, but……..

Oreo is very fussy and friendly in a morning or if we have been out she greets us like she thought she would never see us again, but then 10 mins later she will be sat with her back to us pretending she doesn’t know us! Our efforts to play with her are shunned, but as soon as we sit down to do something she will appear with her toys. Due to my poor health I have to rest in bed during the day and the toys get brought along and i will find foil balls and chewed up toys in my bed! From my bed, if my aim is good enough I can throw the toys out the door and over stair rail so she has to run downstairs to get them, this usually means flying through the stair rails and landing halfway down the stairs before grabbing the toy and running back up to give it to me. Her favourite toys are still foil balls. She was given lots of cat toys for Christmas, but none of them get much attention except for one that looks a bit like Roland rat, he is now down to 3 legs! Yesterday she tried to drown him in a bowl of water so he had to be dried out!

She is a very contented cat and she is happy to travel with us, which means that she goes to my Mum’s with us when we visit and she remembers she has been before and makes herself at home! She gets lots of visitors too when we go. The novelty has worn off at home now, but we had so many visitors in the first few weeks. She has to investigate everyone and any bags they bring in and their shoes! She has just been investigating the boots of the boiler repair man, i am sure his dog will be impressed! She gets in the bags that the hairdresser brings and any gift bags she assumes are for her along with cardboard boxes. We have many deliveries and she has to inspect every box and claim it for herself! Christmas was great fun for her, hard work for me having to wrestle the wrapping paper off her and get her out of bags and boxes I was using

One of her favourite places to sit is in the sink or next to it and she will sit there whilst you are washing up in the sink and then climb in when you let the water go. She has just been in the shower cubicle after my daughter went in. She likes to walk around the edge of the bath and has nearly slipped in several times.

I will leave you with a few photos, and share some more Oreo tails soon, like how she is rapidly using up her 9 lives!!

My foil ball is more important than your Kindle if you please!¬
So excited with my box, I am a bit blurry!
It’s my box ner neh!
So exciting my very own box, must get this toy right in the bottom!
Queen cat on the throne!
Hello out there!
Is this suitable for my fur?!
Wonder what’s down there?
Is it raining?
Could watch this all day

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