I’m Back!

After a lot of hard work and soul searching my website is back and I now have a functioning shop. Thank you to my husband for his hard work, I can’t work out the technical stuff and get very frustrated when things don’t work properly.

Due to a decline in my physical and mental health I decided to take my website down last year as the content was out of date and the shop didn’t work. I have spent a long time wondering if it is worth doing, but going to give it a try to sell my cards and gifts. At the moment there are only bracelets in the shop, which is hosted on Facebook and the proceeds are going to Dementia UK, cards will be added later, it’s all a slow process and my time and energy is very limited and my husband works full time and is my carer, so he also has little time. The cards and bracelets are ones I had made, done over quite a long period of time. There will be 30 of them for the June Challenge set up by dementia UK. Below are the bracelets available and a couple of brooches

I am also making cards for Prickly Edge Hedgehog rescue to sell for their charity. So far I have given them cards that I already had made and some hedgehog themed ones that I made for them. Here are a few examples

You can read a bit more about Prickly Edge here and I hope at some point to feature a piece about them on my blog

Finally I am also supporting Yorkshire Brain Tumour Charity by knitting awareness ribbons for their Child cancer awareness day in Sept, they only take about 5 minutes each to knit. The knitters can sell the ribbons themselves or send to YBTC to sell. I will try and list a few in my shop, I don’t have many yet. they will look like this, but with blue buttons, mine don’t have buttons on yet. If anyone else is interested in knitting these, they are really easy and I can send details.

Its a difficult time for charities with everyone being squeezed by cost of living rises so I am glad to support them in some way, it’s not much, but every bit helps.

Well I am exhausted now all this has been quite overwhelming and a long time in falling into place.

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