Can’t be done

For the last few weeks I have been trying to be more productive and not sit around feeling sorry for myself and a June challenge encouraged me to do a bit of crafting each day and record my results in my blogs 52 weeks to 52, this week is only week 4. Sadly this has now caught up with me as it always does and today I have realised yet again that it isn’t sustainable and is making me very unwell. I am not sure where things go from here, I need my time and energy for family time over the summer and to support my daughter and husband in what they need to do, so there is little left for me. I am trying to get some support from Leeds ME service with a treatment called ACT, but the appointments have been online and very difficult to follow due to my hearing issues and video quality of the appointments. I now have a face to face appt next week, but that requires effort to attend and the support of my husband so will also be very difficult. Many hospitals are back to mask wearing and if this is the case I will be stuffed.

I intend to carry on with as much crafting as I can, but the last few weeks have been very frustrating with trying to use my new Cricut Joy, which is very awkward and 80% of things I have tried have ended up in the bin. I have things I need to finish by the end of the month and can’t let people down. I attended my quilt class on Saturday and managed to make a little progress with a project I started last year, but needed help from Rob and the tutor so it doesn’t feel like much of an achievement. The picture below is what it should look like when finished, the cat looks like my cat and is called Trouble, very appropriate!

Trouble & Boo Spring

Love this one too, the quilt in the picture looks like the first one I made

Trouble & Boo

I wanted to join a design team for online card challenges, but the instructions and dos and don’ts were too much for me to understand let alone follow so I had to withdraw with great disappointment, but I might be able to take part in the challenges.

Something to look forward to after the summer, we have booked to go to Crafterama in Harrogate in Sept. It’s only a 30/40 min drive away and disabled access is good, just hope we can get near the stalls and demos. I’d love to go to Yarndale too, but it’s a bigger event and further away so will be unlikely.

These images arrived in my email today, very appropriate;

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