Icy Challenge

The Outlawz challenge from 19th February is based on the rhyme

It is a sponsored challenge by Fred She Said Designs so we had to chose a digital stamp from this designer to use on our card. I chose a penguin. I like to use mixed techniques in my cards and as we are in total chaos in the house at the moment due to kitchen refit, I decide to use a stitched pattern from Ann’s Paper Art (pattern a097)

So this is my card with the penguin who looks like he is skating, I used the swirls to represent the “carved in cursive” and using icy colours. I had planned to put an ice skate onto the image too, but when I tried to cut using my Cricut the images were too small and couldn’t be cut and I had run out of time to be ready for the challenge. Check out the designs from the other designers, why not have a go yourself with the chance to win a $10 gift card for Fred She Said.

This one off card is now available to buy from me, suitable for Christmas, a winter birthday, penguin lover or ice skater, greeting can be added.

On to the next challenge, can’t wait to have access to my craft stuff and a peaceful clean house again, but all quite a long way off!

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