My Challenge

The rhyme for Outlawz Sunday Song & Rhyme for April 30th was chosen by me. As most of the challenge period was in May I chose

May Is Pretty, May Is Mild
by Annette Wynne

May is pretty, May is mild,
Dances like a happy child;
Sing out, robin; spring out, flowers;
April went with all her showers,
And the world is green again;
Come out, children, to the glen,
To the meadows, to the wood,
For the earth is clean and good,
And the sky is clear and blue,
And bright May is calling you!

May is pretty, May is mild,
Dances like a happy child,
On a blessed holiday,
Come out, children, join the play!

I had lots of ideas about children playing, but decided on a stitched card of the birth flower for May. Taking inspiration from the words May, green, pretty, flowers,

The pattern is from Form-A-Lines Birth Flower collection stitched in green and silver, backed with green and mounted on white card. I have made most of the cards in the collection, they are beautiful and effective.

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