My Country

The latest Sunday Song and Rhyme challenge is based on poem My Country by Dorothea Makellar (1885-1968)

Dorothea was an Australian poet and this poem was written about Australia when she was 19 and in London. She was born in 1885 and travelled widely in Europe, so would have been away from home for long periods of time in those days.

I took a while to decide which lines to be inspired by and was going for Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the Rainbow Gold, but actually ended up with one that was better fitted to “I know to what brown country My homing thoughts will fly.”

Made with a map printed from Craftville and a compass and lettering drawn on my Cricut Joy extra. I originally tried to cut the image, but it did not work, so I converted it to a drawn image and cut it out. Drawn in gold pen. Mounted on cream card.

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